Special Processes

“Crosspatch specialises in more advanced textures & finishes”

Crosspatch has invested in state of the art machinery for advanced printing processes in addition to using screen & digital technologies.

Stand out from the crowd by adding complex colours, additional materials & complex textures to your garments.

As well as the application of textured finishes, novel materials can be applied to base materials, including foil to give a striking appearance to any garment.

If you have an idea for a fashion design, bring it to us, we are confident that we can realise your vision using our experience in advanced processes.

Designers are given even more freedom to produce innovative clothing that works in more than colours in two dimensions.

We are continually investing in new printing techniques so you can be reassured that you maintain a lead over your competition.

For special textures & materials added to colour printing that give a custom look Contact Us today