Our Services

We offer a complete range of services covering the entire supply chain from
design through to printing, we produce fashionable garments using the latest styles & techniques.

Screen Printing


Digital Printing

Water Based





Cavier Beads

Laser Cutting


PVC Free

Click on the links below to learn more about our services & printing capabilities, or contact us to learn about how team Crosspatch can help you with your specific needs.

In-House Design

Stylish & contemporary digital design services based on emerging fashion trends.

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Screen Printing

Single & multiple pass colour screen printing from simple to complex designs.

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Sublimation Printing

Vivid lasting colours bonded with synthetic fabrics for striking effects that last.

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Digital Printing

Full colour printing onto a range of clothing for smaller volume or complex designs.

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Special Processes

Special textures & materials added to colour printing to give custom looks.

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Adding complex cut-outs & shapes to compliment your designs for overall effect.

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Customised T-shirts

A customised t-shirt to make any occasion unique

Repackaging Services

An integrated design, manufacturing and refinishing workflow

Cutting Edge

The management team are committed to a continual program of investment in the latest garment printing technologies. If there is a specialist technique required to bring out the creative best from a design team, Crosspatch can deliver.

Printing Capacity

As well as supporting the latest printing techniques, our Leicester factory is equipped to handle orders of all sizes, from small sample runs up to full nationwide volume production. Our finishing capabilities allow us to deliver on time direct to your stores for a shorter supply chain.


With UK printing production & a focus on staff welfare and teamwork, Crosspatch is the ideal partner to deliver rapid, innovative & high volume printing production to our customers. We are all involved in hands-on design, printing & delivery to the highest quality standards.